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    Drivers’ Temperament is Key to Accident Avoidance, Scientists Say

    In most cases, accidents and injuries result from mistakes made by humans. South Ural State University scientists have developed a training system for drivers and for industry workers taking into account their specific psychophysiological traits.

    The main criteria of the driver’s work quality or a stationary machine operator are the lack of errors and timeliness of performing operations. Training simulators have been created to master these skills. These simulators include a model of a natural object (e.g. a driver’s cabin) and various external factors (time of day, fog, black ice, etc.). They prepare a person to solve accident situations in real life. The study by SUSU researchers aims at improving safety within “operator — machine — environment” system in transport and has been published in the SAE International Journal of Transportation Safety. The authors are Dr. Eng., Prof. Yury Averyanov and Konstantin Glemba, PhD.

    The scientists figured out that the number of training cycles on the simulators depends on the vehicle operators’ temperament (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, or melancholic. For example, choleric people need more time to work on the simulators, since they make mistakes while operating stationary or mobile machines more often than other people. This training program may be used in any field of human activity which requires improving the skill of mistake-free operation.

    “We completed both theoretical and experimental research studies, which allowed us to determine the minimal number of training sessions for certain people with consideration to their individual traits of character, and in particular the psychophysiological traits,” said Prof. Yury Averyanov.

    As a result, the scientists plan to create a program for training operators of stationary and mobile machines.

    Source: South Ural State University

    Photo by: Viktoria Matveichuk

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