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    Don’t Ditch That Liberal Arts Degree

    Breakthrough technologies such as artificial intelligence and the continuous emphasis on its impact to society has resulted in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education being placed in the limelight across the United States. Many schools have amended their curriculum with the goal of equipping students with the necessary skills needed to keep abreast of current developments. On the contrary, liberal arts degree is seemingly neglected.

    Even though STEM skills provide practical tools for the future workforce, they do not equip students with the soft skills needed to help individuals differentiate themselves from the masses. Creativity, critical thinking, adaptability and empathy are some of the human qualities that are essential for today’s graduates because these are the traits that cannot be easily be replaced through automation.

    Soft-skills jobs have been increasing continuously throughout the years and these are skills that current employers prioritise in job candidates even for those that require technical skills. In addition, with the rise of new artisan economy, more career opportunities in relation liberal arts can be witnessed.

    Although we are entering a digital economy, we should not neglect the human languages that make us exclusive contributors. A liberal arts education help individuals to be distinctive in the job market as it teaches one to think critically and creatively, to cooperate with and demonstrate humanity in the workplace.

    Source: US News

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