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    Doctor Lutfi Al-Sharif’s Educational YouTube Channel Breaks Record with 2 Million Views

    A YouTube educational channel launched 4 years ago by Dr. Lutfi Al-Sharif from the Department of Mechatronics brokethe record with two million (2,000,000) viewers and 16,000 subscribers from 122 countries around the world.

    Dr. Lutfi’s YouTube channel includes lectures on a wide range of mechatronics topics, such as elevator traffic engineering, robotic systems, and transducers.

    According to Al-Sharif, his channel includes 1958 videos arranged in ten sections mostly in Arabic, arguing that this is why they are greatly viewed by undergraduate engineering students from different Arab countries.

    41.5% of the Channel Subscribers are from Egypt, 10.8% from Jordan, 5.5% from Saudi Arabia, 4.5% from Iraq, 3.3% from India, 3.2% from Algeria, 20.8% from the United States, and 28.4% from other countries.

    Al-Sharif reported that the Channel can be accessed through the link (www.youtube.com/c/LutfiAlsharif), or by searching Google using the key words ‘Lutfi Al-Sharif’.

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