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    Developing a software for Perinatal and Neonatal Mortality Surveillance and Auditing System in Jordan (JSANDS)

    Project Director: Prof. Yousef Khader

    For the first time in Jordan, A research team from the Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology developed a software and electronic system to register and report stillbirths and neonatal deaths and their causes (JSANDS). The software automatically produces useful indicators on the quality of maternal and child health services, and other equity and quality indicators in the health system. The system has a quality improvement tool “BABIES MATRIX” that link mortality to birth weight and timing of death to determine appropriate intervention package that would have greatest impact in preventing adverse outcomes. JSANDS automatically collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate data on stillbirths, neonatal deaths and their causes to aid policy makers to improve maternal and child health services in Jordan. This system helps to (i) measure the burden of perinatal mortality and its trend and identifying the populations at high risk, (ii) guide the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs to prevent and control perinatal deaths, (iii) initiate immediate public health action, (iv) prioritize the allocation of health resources, and provide a basis for formulating research hypotheses and epidemiologic research. The potential users of the data from JSANDS include policy makers and decision makers in the MOH, clinicians and other health care providers, and health researchers.

    JSANDS is funded by IDRC and UNICEF.


    Latest Posts

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