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    Criticism of universities due to current politics, survey suggests

    Many university leaders believe that the criticism of institutions is the consequence of current political agendas rather than the issues with higher education system, according to a poll. 49 vice-chancellors and other university leaders who participated in the survey were asked for their views on “negative comments on university costs and student funding” made recently by politicians and in the media. Below are the survey results:

    • 43 percent agreed that the cause for the criticisms made should be taken seriously.
    • 88 percent agreed that the criticisms are reflections of the current local politics rather than issues with the higher education system.
    • 88 percent agreed that the responsibility is on university leaders to put forward replies to the criticisms made.

    University leaders were also asked about the impact of changes to funding and regulation of higher education would have on their institutions, and the results are as follow:

    • 74 percent said that a significant cut in the cap on tuition fees for home undergraduates would be “highly damaging”.
    • A further 15 percent pointed out that the cut in the cap on tuition fees would cause “some harm”.

    The survey results illustrated the perpetual dispute between a government’s attempt to revamp the education system and universities yearning stability and continuity. This can lead to a divert in attention from the issue on how universities can help improve greater public matters in relation to social mobility, generational equity, workforce capabilities and post-Brexit society.

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