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    “CP ALL” Coordinated AI Camp Building Inventors with Thai Universities

    When AI (artificial intelligence) is a part of technology and objects that we use in everyday life, it will be more essential to us in the future. Therefore, the younger generations have to acquire knowledge about AI in order to use and apply it to solve social problems. We can also use AI to make our life better. CP All Public Co.,Ltd. is a Thai’s leading retail company that supports AI. CP All Public Company mutually collaborates with world’s leading AI universities, Peking University (PKU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM). The company has held “Creative AI Camp” for the second year. This year, international AI specialists will engage in the camp and provide high school students and vocational students experience and knowledge.

    We hope that “Creative AI Camp” will help the younger generation handle this era called “seamless AI and life”. We want to support and inspire them to create and have innovative ideas to invent technology for sustainability goals.

    “Korsak Chairasmisak”, Chairman of Executive Committee of CP All Public Co.,Ltd. and the founder of 7/11 in Thailand, reveals that it was predicted that in 2020, the world is entering seamless AI and life or the era where AI involves in our life seamlessly. CP All and our partners have a mutual vision to develop human resource and implement “necessary skills” for AI users to be able to use it to create innovative work for the society and nation. We support human work instead of using AI to “substitute” humans. Therefore, we hold Creative AI Camp as students will acquire necessary skills and be able to use it for ethical development of all sectors.

    “We believe that technology leads to success in life. However, the true success is learning for understanding people and others will understand us which lead to collaboration. Creative AI Camp will integrate AI knowledge, a hard skill, and GO, a philosophical game which is soft skills, together. Students will learn about AI and GO which could lead to the application of skills and success in the long run. ”

    “Mr. Korsak” also says that CP also collaborates with world class organizations and AI specialists to be a speaker. We also allied with private companies and entrepreneurs who specialized in AI which are Iknowplus Co.,Ltd. and Accomate Co.,Ltd. They will lecture 38 elite high school and vocational students from different regions of the country. It conforms to our vision “Be Creative and Give Opportunities for All”. They will have skills and be “Creative AI Citizens” who can use AI for the benefits of society.

    “Dr.Pongsak Holimchayachotikul, Director of Creative AI Center, CP All Co.,Ltd. and the founder of the camp, reveals that this 2nd Creative AI camp is held under the notion “I AM AND AI FOR I AM”. I AM means we or human and AI FOR I AM means artificial intelligence for humans. This implies that the camp aims to enhance the young generation’s skills, ethics, and morals. The purpose is to allow humans and AI to coexist in seamless AI and life”.

    “The main content that students will learn from this camp is creative AI convergence by go philosophy. The traditional AI development has a fixed task which means AI can perform only one function. Learning a complex GO strategy allows youths to create more complex AI. Learners also learn how to lose and win and recognize the importance of friendship. When we look at the big picture, Creative AI Camp is the first camp that integrates AI knowledge to Go game and knowledge in ABCD technology, including AI, blockchain cloud, and digital data and put it into practice.”

    “We will divide learners to groups and allow them to create technological development ideas for UN’s sustainable development goals or SDGs. It is a foundation for creative technology that will help sustain the society. On the last day of the camp, students will present their project to domestic and foreign committees. All in all, CP All hopes that youths will pass on AI and Go knowledge to their friends. We hope that they will be the seed of change in the future by morally and ethically driving technology in the country.

    However, the development of artificial intelligence together with the development of technology may bring disruption which may impact many business sectors. Business industries including financial businesses, production industries like automotive industry, and energy industries have to adapt to these changes. Therefore, we have to cultivate AI knowledge to students in both high school and universities. Many universities amend their digital technology curriculums such as Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Srinakharinwirot University, and Mahidol University. In 2021, Mahidol University is also developing a digital technology curriculum for a Master’s degree.


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