COVID 19 and Television News Industry: An online lecture session by President University


In order to know the major shifts in the TV news industry amid COVID 19 outbreak, Journalism students of President University conducted an online general lecture with Ariyo Ardi, SE, the Deputy Chief Editor of iNEWS MNC Group Media Jakarta, on May 17th, 2020. The general lecture was hosted by the Head of Communication Study Program, M. Raudy Gathmyr, S.Sos., M.Si.

Ariyo explains that huge change has occurred since the first positive COVID-19 patient in Indonesia was announced in March 2020. “This pandemic has affected our workflow, and there was nothing we could do except adapting to the current situation,” says Ariyo.

Ariyo stated that there is some news that has to be covered on the spot. In that case, the news coverage team will still go to cover the news with the necessary equipment in accordance with the health protocol to avoid getting infected by COVID-19. Other than that, national media have also established collaborations aimed to ease news coverage activities to refrain from sending their team to the spot every single time.

Ariyo explains that in addition to the changing reporting trends, television viewers’ consumption trends have also changed. From the data that his team collected, there was an increasing number of viewers of news, children’s programs, and health product advertisements. From this data, he said that it is highly important to ensure that the team is producing and airing TV shows that fulfill the public’s needs.

On this occasion, Ariyo advised the young journalists to work harder because recruitment would become more difficult, especially with the fact that no one is sure when the pandemic would end.