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    Collaboration in Health Care: The Journey of an Accidental Expert

    Interprofessional education is a collaborative approach to healthcare set on motion through the shared knowledge of healthcare professionals to put forth improved patient care.

    At the TEDxCreightonU seminar, Joy Doll, Executive Director of the Center for Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research at the Creighton University, highlighted the six lessons she has learnt through her experience in the healthcare industry that are needed to drive change in a positive manner and emphasised the importance of collaboration within the sector.

    The three ways that the Institute for Healthcare Improvement has identified to modify the healthcare system include population health, experience of care and per capita cost. Doll shared that the current healthcare system is competent in providing acute care but the reality is that many of the patients have chronic disease. Hence, healthcare professionals will have to get better at managing that and care for people’s health. Further, the one unified experiences at some point in our lives will all be a patient. Therefore, it is important for healthcare professionals to work together to provide patients with the best experience. Last but not least, with regards to the identification of cost. The methods in providing cost effective care that is also efficient and keep individual healthy are equally critical.

    Listen to find out the six lessons Doll has shared to help transform the healthcare industry.

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