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    Chulalongkorn University Launches Thailand’s Reputation Awards

    The award project aims to encourage Thai business organizations to focus on quality management that would add more value and worth to their organizations.  Moreover, it strives to develop the knowledge base for communication arts, as well as the key indicators in the assessment of corporate reputation, to keep abreast with the modern times and Thai social contexts.

    The strength of this award is the selection process and the assessment of the organizations’ reputation through methodical research, which yield reliable and academically sound results in overall qualifications and the reputation in each area of competency.

    The award is a collaboration between communication experts, professionals, and academia to set key indicators for reputation assessment based on research on basic definitions of corporate reputation, brand-building efforts, brand management, stakeholders, brand uniqueness, and brand images in relation to corporate reputation.

    Used together with the corporate reputation index, the corporate reputation is measured in seven areas, including Products and Services, Innovation, Personnel Status and Progress, Good Governance, Corporate Management, Good Citizenship and Social Responsibility, Leadership, and Communications, all in compliance with the Reputation Institute‘s methodology.

    The measurement tools were used to gather data from four groups of stakeholders: consumers of products and services, employees, investors and shareholders, and the media.  A total of 2,061 samples, from the population aged 18 and above, living in the Bangkok metropolitan area and the town at which the offices or factories each public company are located were collected in 2019.

    14 corporations listed in the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SET) and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) received the awards, with the Siam Cement Group Public Company Limited (SCG) receiving Thailand’s Best Corporate Reputation for 2019.

    For corporations listed in the SET with a strong reputation and outstanding business operations, the following seven awards were given: Best Product and Service Reputation Award to CP All Public Company Limited (CP All), Best Innovation Reputation Award to PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Best Human Resources Development Reputation Award to PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Best Corporate Governance Reputation Award to PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Best Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility Reputation Award to Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCG), Best Corporate Leadership Reputation Award to PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) and Best Corporate Communication Reputation Award to Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS)

    Thailand’s SMEs Reputation Honorary Awards 2019 for general SMEs went to The Original Farm Co., Ltd., Thai Habel Industrial Co., Ltd., Warrix Sports Co., Ltd., Covenant Co., Ltd., Smart ID Group Co., Ltd., and Joe-Ry Family Co., Ltd.  For SMEs listed in the SET with registered capital of MAI securities under 300 million baht, the awards went to Project Planning Service Public Company Limited, Jubilee Enterprise Public Company Ltd., Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Ltd., and Qualitech Public Company Limited.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Preeda Akarachanthchote, Dean of CommArts said, “Thailand’s Reputation Awards encourage Thai corporates to focus on both business and operations management, as well as good communication management.  This is all accomplished for organizations to become more efficient and valuable, leading to sustainable competition in the business world.  At the same time, this is an opportunity to develop the foundation for knowledge in communications arts, in terms of corporate reputation assessment, which will be widely useful for both academics and the private sector in the future.  Ultimately, this project will act as a link between the academic institutions, the public sector, and the private sector to co-develop business and the society in a sustainable manner.”

    Thailand’s Reputation Awards project is another important step for the Faculty of Communication Arts and Chulalongkorn University, in perusing the strategy to create Knowledge & Innovation as well as Local Transformation.  These are two out of the four Chulalongkorn University strategies for 2017-2020 that stand in line with the vision to become a world-class university that promotes the transfer of knowledge and innovation for Thai society to achieve sustainable development.


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