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    Canadian University Dubai, in partnership with Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) will be working together to develop an exciting new program focused on leadership in the creative industries.   The Bachelor in Creative Industries will combine creativity with business acumen in order to create a cadre of highly qualified students capable of leading the quickly expanding arts and culture industry in the UAE and abroad.   The program will be officially launched once it attains accreditation from the UAE’s Ministry of Education.

    The new program will be the University’s first offering as part of the newly established FCAD at Canadian University Dubai which has been developed in collaboration with Ryerson University, Canada, who currently run their own successful FCAD in Toronto boasting programs in the Creative Industries, Fashion, Graphic Communications, Image Arts, Interior Design, Journalism, Professional Communication and Performance.

    The “Creative Industries” refers to a distinctive group of creative fields pertaining to media, design, entertainment and the visual and performing arts. While these fields have long been recognized for their cultural value, they are also an important economic driver and key to urban development and renewal.

    “This will be the first program in the UAE targeted at preparing students for an entrepreneurial career in media, entertainment, design or the visual and performing arts,“ said Dr. Karim Chelli, Canadian University Dubai’s President and Vice Chancellor. “By combing solid business, communication and management skills with in-depth knowledge of these industries we will be creating the future leaders of the UAE’s entertainment, arts and culture scene.  This program aligns with Dubai’s and the UAE’s strategies for future economic growth and offers students an advantage in the job market here and abroad. Furthermore, by establishing FCAD here at Canadian University Dubai, we are laying the ground work for future programs designed with the countries strategic goals and labor needs in mind, which is a bonus for the UAE and our students.”

    “This is an exciting partnership for us in a global city known for its innovation and creativity,” says FCAD’s Dean Charles Falzon. “This collaboration represents an opportunity for us to mobilize talent, ideas and global connections in order to advance cultural industries in both countries. As a rapidly expanding economy and cultural hub in the Middle East, Dubai offers opportunities, for new ideas and creative people as well as a rich historical tradition. The Creative Industries program will capitalize on this by offering students classes in the art and business of film, the business and practice of news, printing and publishing, the music industry and the fashion industry.”

    As part of the collaboration with Ryerson and in order to capitalize on their established and highly popular programs, the Toronto based university will provide ongoing technical and curricular expertise and will assist in the recruitment of scholars from around the world.

    The new FCAD will offer Canadian University Dubai degrees and is expected to attract students from over 100 countries in the Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

    Anyone interested in finding out more information about the proposed programs can contact the admissions office at [email protected].

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