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    Book Review: Ethics is Highly Important in the Development of Civilization

    Ethics is highly important in the development of civilization. Without it, civilization would not stand firm. This was mentioned by Prof. Budi Susilo Soepandji Chairperson of the University Foundation who is also the Governor of the Indonesian Republic of Indonesia National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) for the period 2011-2016 in the Book Review: Bringing Civilizations Together in Batavia Tower (24/7).

    Furthermore, the book by S. D. Darmono explains the importance of an individual to know his identity and understand his history. According to Prof. Budi, Indonesian people do not need to feel inferior to other nations. This is because in fact, if we look back, the Indonesian people have produced incredible products, one of which is Borobudur Temple.

    Prof. Budi said that when Indonesian people knew their history, this would lead to self-confidence. This self-confidence then must be used to organize public space. In this case, a collaboration between experts in the technical and social fields is needed.

    “This book must be read by anyone who will lead this nation. This book teaches how to build superior human resources, especially in managing city or nation layout planning and building smart cities. This book also addresses the challenges of industry 4.0 and political issues,” explained Prof. Budi.

    Furthermore, Prof. Budi mentioned a special term “human processing factory” to reinforce humans as an important key to civilizations.

    Meanwhile, Muhammad A. S. Hikam, a political observer in President University who is also the State Minister for Research, Science, and Technology 1999-2001 considered Darmono as an attractive figure.

    “Pak Darmono, who is a businessman, turns out to be able to write books in an easily understood language. There are rarely people like him,” said Hikam who was also attend as a speaker.

    Hikam also explained how Darmono discussed political issues in this book.

    “Usually the businessman avoids talking about politics, instead Pak Darmono discusses politics well in this book,” Hikam uttered.

    Politics that were originally intended for the common good are now having negative connotations. Hikam revealed, “This book says that politics is closely related to human actions in the community while ethics are closely related to the human actions as individuals. Politics and ethics are like two sides of a coin that cannot be separated because to achieve a common good, both are needed. The path is taken through an ethical-political process so that it can form superior human beings who later become leaders,” he explained.

    In each of his books, S. D. Darmono always tells the importance of ethics and character-building in every activity. He also expressed his great aspirations to build the nation.

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