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    Billionaire Chen Yidan Uses His Resources to Focus on Education

    Chen Yidan, a 46-year-old billionaire, has made education a personal avocation and has founded the Yidan Prize – a scholarship aimed at furthering educational research and practice globally. The financial prize is only a tool used to produce role models in education that can be utilised worldwide. Chen envisions Yidan Prize as a platform that gathers the best ideas about education across the globale, to exchange pedagogical theories and practices that are useful and beneficial to society.

    Chen has also endowed his own money to relief scholars who are making contributions in the education landscape. He believes that education is the key to eliminating poverty and creating a sustainable environment. He has made diversity and closing the achievement gap his focus. Education may be the slowest solution to numerous social challenges, but is the fundamental answer to society advancement and provision of optimism. Chen has also established a private institution in China named Wuhan College. The institution serves as a training ground for China’s technology industry and focuses on personal development and promotes partnership and collaboration. He is committed to uncovering the answers that can help create the finest results in education. No matter where people are from, they are talking about similar concerns with regards to education, as such, Chen has singular objective of raising awareness about education across the globe through the Yidan Prize.

    Source: Diverse Education

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