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    Be Inspired! Learn what it takes to become an inspiring leader

    Inspiring leaders will have to use their special set of strengths to drive individuals and teams to take on enterprising tasks and hold them accountable for results. They also help unravel greater performance through empowerment.

    Other findings about how leaders inspire and achieve great performance include:

    • Stress tolerance, self-regard and optimism help leaders develop inner resources.
    • Vitality, humility and empathy help leaders connect.
    • Openness, unselfishness and responsibility help set the tone.
    • Vision, focus, servanthood and sponsorship help them to lead.

    However, it is important to note that there is no prevalent archetype of those who inspire. Anyone can become an inspirational leader by focusing on his or her strengths. While there are many varying attributes that help leaders to inspire others, centeredness has been said to be the only attribute needed for one to be viewed as being inspirational. This is the particular characteristic that allows leaders to stay calm under stress, empathise, listen deeply and remain present.

    In addition, they are able to achieve outstanding results by:

    • Being obsessed about specific capabilities that help establish the company’s competitive advantage.
    • Source for methods that can constructively disrupt established behaviors within organisations.
    • Recognise the need to pick their moments carefully to reinforce a performance culture in a way that can also be inspiring.

    Source: HBR

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