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    Barriers to innovation and knowledge generation: The challenges of conducting business and social research in an emerging country context

    The Middle East region has contributed significantly fewer new knowledge generation as compared to the rest of the world. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is seeking to amend this disproportion through means of driving a knowledge-based economy and through educational investment. Despite these efforts, compelling issues still remain the advancement and production of top notch research in the social sciences, including business. The present monographs demonstrates the fundamental significance of such research to the social and economic development of the UAE. Looking at close to a decade of conducting research in the UAE with varying degrees of success the authors point out the crucial incidents, experience and observations which clearly present the challenges of new knowledge creation in the business and social sciences. Discussions place emphasis on identifiable limits to high quality research at all levels, within and outside the UAE, with definite directions on the means to resolve the identified limits.

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    Participating in the upcoming QS-MAPLE 2019 under the theme of “Promoting Research in the Middle East and Africa” from 22-25 April 2019 in Dubai, UAE.

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