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    Bangkok Bank and Thammasat University Join Force to Enhance Thai Education

    Bangkok Bank signed 2 MOU with Thammasat University and agreed to support “Kor Karn Kru: inspiration teacher lighting learning fire” project. The primary aim is to encourage teacher to make change. Another project is “Collective Development School” which will be a join force of all sectors to create a sustainable “student-teacher-school-system”.

    Mrs.Rajni Noppameung, Vice President of Bangkok Bank, says that we have signed MOU for “Kor Karn Kru: inspiration teacher lighting learning fire” project. The project will advance education in civil state schools by encouraging teachers to be a revolutionist and make changes in community and society around the school. It will be a beginning point in   changing Thai education. In addition, we also signed MOU to support  “Collective Development School” project. The project is about cooperation between several organizations to make school as a lifelong learning place for the community. We have selected Wat Niwetwuttharam School (Bangkok Bank 22) in Nakhon Sawan and Banbangmak School (Bangkok Bank 24) in Trang as a civil state school in CONNEXT ED project.

    “We are aware of the importance of Thai education’s sustainable development. We are willing to provide proper educational environment in order to encourage and build quality personnel. Therefore, promoting education is one of our main projects. It is such a great opportunity that our bank was a part of these 2 projects. The projects aim to build quality “people-school-management system” which will benefit Thailand and younger generation in the future.” Mrs.Rajni said.

    Assoc.Prof.Anuchart Puangsamlee, Dean of the Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, Thammasat University, reveals that “Kor Karn Kru: inspiration teacher lighting learning fire” project is a collaborative work between several educational and human development agencies. We realize that educational system is complicated so we need help from every sector. We will drive a change in the education system, policy, management, process, and society’s attitude. We believe that teachers are change agents which are the key to educational system. Teachers can improve students’ potential which will be the main force in Thai society.

    Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, Thammasat University, gives an importance of developing teachers. They will create active learning with students and create professional learning community (PLC). We hope that teachers will bring change to students, classroom, school, and community by teaching them through experience and skills.

    “Collective Development School” project will drive education in 3 level which are institutional level, systematic level, and policy level. We will give importance in building collective vision and improving educational environment. Both community, school, and other networks will help develop education and society. We have 4 development strategies.

    1) Development of learners in terms of academic results and life skills.

    2) Development of teachers and academic personnel in terms of their knowledge, capability, skills, and teacher’s attribute that will encourage and support students.

    3) Development of institutions in terms of their course, learning media, and learning management process. We will improve them to be modern and appropriate for the 21st century’s learners.

    4) Development of management quality to create proper governance to cooperate with other agents holistically within the education environment.

    Assoc. Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart, President of Thammasat University, states that we are concerned about developing teachers and students’ potential. Our cooperation with Bangkok Bank will enhance learning innovation which will drive a change to Thai education in this 21st century.

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