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    Scientists improve a photosynthetic enzyme by adding fluorophores

    To realize the full potential of solar energy, scientists must find efficient ways of converting light energy into chemical energy. In a recently published...

    Novel Hydrogen Fuel Purification Membrane Paves the Way for Greener Future

    Hydrogen is a clean source of fuel, but its purification has been challenging until now. A recent paper published in the journal Separation and...

    Fabricating the Future with a New Environment Friendly Method of Polymerization

    The current use of metal catalysts to develop polymers leads to suboptimal quality polymers that contain metallic impurities and involves a reaction process that...

    New Study by NITech and Osaka Uni Promises Advances in Drug Development

    Chiral N,N-acetals are an important component of several bioactive drugs and medicines. Owing to this, chemical reactions that lead to high-purity yield of the...

    Scientists Reveal How Crystal Defects Can Help Convert Waste Heat into Electricity

    In a recent study, scientists from Japan and Turkey have attempted to uncover the role that Ni defects have in the crystal structure of...

    NITech Scientists Develop a Non-destructive Method to Measure Carrier Lifetime in SiC

    In a recent study at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, scientists have developed a novel non-destructive technique with enhanced depth resolution, which will bolster...

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