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    AJCUI stays relevant to industrial revolution 4.0 through continuous development

    Nowadays, higher institutions, both public and private, need to be ready in facing Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is massive, rapid and complex. The competition among higher institutions is not only between public and private universities, but also with foreign universities.

    Higher institutions are the frontline of Indonesia in facing the challenge since many highly qualified human resources are produced by higher institutions.

    For Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) which will be 59 year-old on Jun 1st 2019, the effort of transformation and self-development is keep being done in order to stay relevant to the industrial revolution 4.0.

    Digital transformation is keep being done through the creation of massive open online course (MOOC) Atmazeds, online learning and blended learning programs, digitalization of administration system, and collaborations with online platforms, such as Gnowbe and Chatbot Savira which help the new student registration. The opening of Campus 3 BSD which has entered the ecosystem of digital hub provides extra boost for UAJ in collaborating with industries to keep developing.

    Attention to blended learning approaches is important as they might be the solution for many issues in the middle of technological disruptions in Industry 4.0. Technology development actually does not fully make people believe in online-based learning system. It might be due to several human aspects such as ideology planting, understanding, cooperative skills development, empathy and critical thinking, which still need face-to-face interaction to transfer those values. Therefore, blended learning approaches are needed as the midpoint between digital world and higher institutions.

    Success in Achieving QS 5 Stars

    AJCUI keeps conducting the transfer of social responsibility and inclusiveness values. It is demonstrated by AJCUI’s success in receiving appreciation from QS Star, a world university ranking provider.

    In 2019, AJCUI successfully received 5-star recognition for the employability and social responsibility categories, and 4-star recognition for inclusiveness.

    This success does not make AJCUI forget its aim, which is to create human resources with good characters. The development of human resources with good characters is one of basic aspects of higher institutions.

    Prioritizing Indonesian Values

    For AJCUI, facing industrial revolution 4.0 is not only about technology and curriculum. The most essential thing is to educate young generation to be relevant to their era while still holding Indonesian values and social care.

    Those two characters cannot be replaced by machines. Considering the importance of these aspects, the theme for the graduation ceremony on May 14, 2019 was reflection towards reformation, in which AJCUI was a part of the effort in reaching reformation and all graduates must know what they need to do to continue their predecessors’ struggle.

    AJCUI’s role as the sower of Indonesian values is realized through relevant actions. It was mentioned by one of AJCUI’s founder, Frans Seda through this sentence “Untuk Tuhan dan Tanah Air” (For God and Country).

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