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    Atma Jaya Industrial Engineering Student Represents Indonesia in International Forum

    Nicolette Kezia, an Industrial Engineering student, representing Indonesia, was one of the panelists at the ASEAN-QA Online Forum 2020. The forum was also attended by the respective representatives from Mahidol University (Thailand), Phnom Penh International University (Cambodia), Potsdam University (Germany), and University Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia).

    This year’s discussion titled “Going Digital: Learning from the Learners” focused on student’s experiences during the shifting learning method from conventional to online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The student panelists also talked about the university’s role in including students in quality assurance (QA).

    Nicolette focused her attention on ASEAN-QA Online Forum 2020 after a deep and insightful conversation with the study program chief, Feliks Surbaikti, and few other professors. After serious consideration and some administrative process, she became the only spokesperson from Indonesia.

    “I read about the events and their requirements and found it interesting. I think it is fascinating when students are involved as speakers in such a discussion while other forums are inviting lecturers and professors. I reckon this is an opportunity.” said Nicolette

    “To be an international public speaker is a priceless chance,” Nicolette said.

    The 2017 student was kept under the wing of Industrial Engineering program lecturers , Wahyuni Inderawati and Riana Magdalena.

    Nicolette said that online learning methods have flaws, particularly on learning platforms and time management. However, these are an adapting process, as well as adjusting to the conferencing tools.

    “I think the learning process should consider the flipped learning methods as an alternative by doing group learning before individual learning. Two-way communication should be enhanced as well” said Nicolette in recommending methods during online learning.

    Nicolette hopes this discussion may lead to a betterment of the university’s digital teaching service and may build a better connection with students. Nicolette encourages the students to go beyond their comfort zone in order to be better versions

    “This is a proper experience and asset for our future, by challenging our self to enhance our self quality.”

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