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    Assistant Professor Dr. Arsa, the Creator of Arsa Framework/Game DeepTech Startup

    Today, we swift from research news to startup. It is not a regular startup but “DeepTech” startup which is about platform of tools that is used to create games and applications.

    First of all, we have talked with Asst. Prof. Dr. Arsa Tangchitsomkit, a full-time professor at College of Innovation, Thammasat University, and a creator of Arsa Framework which is a platform for developing applications. Next, we will talk with him about what Arsa framework can do.

    Q: What is Arsa Framework?

    Arsa Framework is a DeepTech startup which is a framework for developing application in 5G era and can connect, compute, visualize and communicate via Cloud as One Stop Service and also support the following tasks:

    • DeepTech / AI can create artificial intelligence with Deep Learning or Machine Learning.
    • MarTech / BigData Analytic can analyze information like data science.
    • FinTech / Blockchain can create digital currency like ICO and Blockchain algorithm
    • MedTech EdTech UX/UI can create UX/UI in medicine and all educational levels.
    • AgTech / Controller can control hardware via Cloud and Smart Devices.
    • ioT / {REST:API} can control ioT devices through Representational State Transfer {REST:API}.
    • UAV / TCP/UDP can control and evaluate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle through protocol TCP or UDP.

      Q: Is Arsa Framework considered as your first invention?

    Previously, I invented a product called Zaros X Battle, a fighting game on PC Version released in 2007 and an Arcade Version released in 2009. The second product is in process which is Zaros real Battle game.

    Q: Can you say something about “Arsa Framework”?

    I would like to say that “Arsa Framework” is beyond what I expected it to be. Originally, I want it to be a game engine for my Zaros game. After I apply it and teach students with Arsa Framework, it works better as many of my students won an award from game created by Arsa Framework. Therefore, I think that “why don’t we scalable and repeatable it”. Later, Arsa Framework won an excellence award in Thailand Tech Show 2019 provided by NSTDA, IP Champion 2019 provided by IP Thailand,  National Research Council Award 2019 provided by NRCT, the Winner of Thailand ICT Awards 2018 provided by ATCI and the Winner in Thailand outstanding software 2018 provided by Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa). Moreover, it also received Honor Research Award 2018  and Creative Award 2017 provided by Thammasat University.

    Q: Do you invent games as well?

    Yes, I invented Zaros X Battle game. I spent three year inventing this game from 2004 and it was released in 2007 and 2009. Zaros game is my masterpiece as I want to introduce Thai brand to international market. My goal is to develop Thai hero to be part of the international market. Our Thai characters also have an interesting story to tell. However, what we lack is a concrete game product. Therefore, I believe that in the future little by little Thai hero and Zaros will be known in the international market. Moreover, Zaros Real Battle is the second edition of Zaros X Battle. I use 3D Real-time Rendering and Physically Based Rendering technigue in Zaros Real Battle. It is a high cost and time consuming process. Nevertheless, I put stories of all the characters in the game in an illustration book called Illustrations Saros Real Battle. It is the integration between game multimedia and new technology.

    Q: Do you think 5G technology and social startup can be integrated ?

    For me, the integration of human knowledge and 5G technology creates a boundless connection. In other words, we can use technological knowledge to advance our economy and society. Access to information for tourism and GPS becomes convenient to people and they can make a plan beforehand through Open Data. Connection between private and public sector is boundless. It can be applied to communities and enhance people’s lives via 5G technology.

    Q: Would you advise something to new startup?

    Don’t be afraid to disrupt yourself and your business idea because if you fail fast, you’ll get up fast. You have to find out what is your business’s pain point. Moreover, you have to think big, do small and cost less which means you should start with thinking about the Exit or your biggest goal and then work fast with less capital as possible as it shouldn’t affect your life expenses. You should also analyse your business. If your business is Zombie, it means that your business is either live or die like zombie walking without direction. Therefore, you should ask yourself whether you’re pleased with your business profit or not. Next, you should try to use Cloud as much as possible for your Startup business. To illustrate, you should use less paper, have an online conference and self-study online. It is a crucial part as today is a digital world where you can learn whenever and wherever you want. I think some companies are not changing because they are afraid to change. As they are afraid to change, they are outdated, not adaptive, and easily be replaced. Students or university personnel and office workers are the one who get benefits from disruption the most. I still believe in do less and get more. We can work less and get productive work which saves time and cost.

    Thammasat University will keep creating innovation and research work and motivating students to enhance economy and society through local Startups. We also encourage students to learn more about new technology that is helpful and can be a startup work.

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