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    Assist High Schoolers to Learning Arduino to Support Innovative Technologi Invention

    With the advancement of technology, creativity and innovation are being challenged almost every day. There are many means by which an individual can create innovative things. One of these means is Arduino, an open-source of electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

    To introduce Arduino to the high school students, the President University Major Association (PUMA) of Electrical Engineering (EE) conducted a workshop entitled “Arduino Workshop” at SMAN 35 Jakarta (2/12). One of the lecturers of President University, Iksan Bukhori, S.T., M.Phil was invited as the speaker in this workshop. This workshop was participated by 10th graders and 11th graders.

    According to Rizky Aryan, the project manager of this workshop, Arduino is actually only a small part of Electro, specifically Embedded System. Despite its minor role, Arduino is an essential basis of the Artificial Intelligent Program. One of the examples of Arduino being used in real life is traffic light.

    In this workshop, all of the participants were taught about the practical knowledge of “Arduino Microcontroller”. The materials taught were also intended to be references for anyone who wants to make a scientific paper about Arduino. Not only learning about the theories, but they also had a chance to create connecting voice, ultrasonic, and LDR sensor with the guidance of President University Electrical Engineering students.

    PUMA EE hoped that this kind of practical session would draw students’ interest in Arduino and start to build creative inventions aimed to compete in championships and practical inventions to be used in daily life.

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