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    An analysis of how long-term university-industry linkages affects academic research productivity

    The increasing importance of university-industry collaboration has raised concerns about the potential effects that collaboration with firms have on academic productivity. Therefore, this paper aims to shed light on the impact of long-term university-industry collaboration on academic research productivity.

    Four main gaps in the literature have been identified that this paper aims to fill with new contributions.

    • Examination of the effect of collaboration with industry on scientific productivity using data on university-industry linkages such as collaborative projects.
    • Presentation of new findings on both the long-term effect of collaboration with industry on scientific productivity and the empirical evidence on how collaboration with industry affecting scientific production over time.
    • Results of the literature review show that the benefits of collaboration with industry decrease over time, revealing that those benefits are not unlimited.
    • Previous studies on the effects of collaboration with industry on scientific production primarily focused on developed countries, whereas this paper focuses on Brazil, a developing country.

    This paper aims to present new empirical evidence of the long-term effect of collaboration with industry on scientific production by examining this issue in relation to collaborative projects involving academic research and industrial R&D groups in Brazil.

    Findings of the paper are as follow:

    • Collaboration with industry has positive effects on scientific productivity.
    • Over the long term, the effects of collaboration tend to be higher.
    • There are limits to the positive effects of collaboration over time.

    However, it has also been noted that these findings have policy implications. Several studies noted that policies that stimulate university-industry linkages play a role in fostering innovation. This paper’s findings reinforce the role of policy from the standpoint of academic research because university research groups benefit from collaboration with industry, especially from long-term collaborative projects.

    Click here to read the full academic journal.

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