Alzi Center of Excellence and Healthy Aging Inauguration at Atma Jaya University


Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (29/9/2018) held another Friday Coffee Break with a theme of Co-working Space Inauguration: Alzi Center of Excellence, which was held at Yustinus Building, 15th floor, Campus 1 Semanggi.  This event is collaboration between Medicine and Health Faculty of Atma Jaya and Alzheimer Indonesia Foundation.

Elisabeth Rukmini, Ph.D, vice rector of Atma Jaya, in her opening speech said, “For Atma Jaya University, this collaboration could strengthen Atma Jaya’s position as the Center for Nation Development in Semanggi Campus. Through the initiative of Atma Jaya Institute for Public Policy (AJIPP), ATZI (Atma Jaya Alzi Center of Excellence) strengthens us and be a part of Atma Jaya’s road map as Center for Nation Development. Together with ATZI, we are determined to collaborate with other parties in education, networking, and especially in relation with elders with Alzheimer.”

Atma Jaya’s concerns in elders gave birth to the excellence of Atma Jaya Faculty of Medicine and Health, which implements study focusing on elders. Moreover, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Atmazeds program planned to be launched this year, which one of the courses is related to elder caregivers in collaboration with Faculty of Psychology, would contribute to another comprehensive excellence.

“Atma Jaya has a lot of roles, and one of them focuses on Alzheimer. Atma Jaya works together with Ministry of Health and Alzheimer Indonesia in providing supports, especially evidence-based support, for better dementia policy, as a good policy must be supported by a good research basis. The academicians of Atma Jaya can give contribution through research, education and community service,” said Dr. dr. Yuda Turana, Sp.S., the Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health of Atma Jaya.

In the event, there was an exhibition of  painting and handcraft which was made by the people with dementia. This event want to tell the stories, even with dementia elderly still can do something usefull. Furthermore, there was also a talk show with Pia Alisjahbana and Widarti Gunawan, senior and respected media person from Femina Magazine as speakers who shared their stories on how to stay productive in older years.  There was also scientific panel on dementia research by survey meter.

The message of this event is we need to improve multi-sectors and multi-disciplines, meaning when we talk about Alzheimer, not only doctors and nurses who are involved, but also social workers, legal workers, society and families.  In creating meaningful things, we cannot walk alone but there must be networking, a quite strong collaboration, since without collaboration and networking, the achievement cannot be maximal.

The goal of each activity held by Atma Jaya University is how  to improve life quality, especially people with dementia and general public.