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    AI Expert from Atma Jaya Faculty of Engineering Contributes to Fight Against Covid-19

    Last week, the Head of the Electrical Engineering Study Program at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI), Dr. Ir. Lukas, MAI, CISA, IPM., were appointed as members in a group of experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence for the Task Force Covid-19 launched by BPPT (the Assessment and Application of Technology Agency).

    Dr. Lukas said that the Covid-19 virus is a threat, and it has to be dealt with quickly. He sees this opportunity to contribute to the nation with his proficiency.

    “We want to contribute to nations in handling the covid-19 outbreaks according to our abilities. I work in the field of artificial intelligence (AI); therefore this is what I can give,” said Dr. Lukas

    Dr. Lukas also encouraged every person and institution to play a more comprehensive function in society and the nation, “We know that everyone, institutions, and other institutions have potentials in their respective fields. Atma Jaya itself has many great potentials and is proven to produce national and international figures who are ready to contribute to the nation and state,” he said.

    As released by the BPPT, to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristek / BRIN) has pointed BPPT as the coordinator in which responsible for accelerating the development of the domestic product.

    Involving institutions conducting science and technology, and expert associations, Hammam Riza, the Head of the BPPT, said the agency is ready to challenge the Task Force for Research and Technology Innovation for Handling Covid-19 (TFRIC 19). Especially in developing products related to the Covid-19 test kits.

    He revealed, the task force will soon producing the Diagnostic Test Kit, which based on a local Indonesian virus strain,

    “TFRIC19 is accelerating the development of Diagnostic Test Kit with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) base and non-PCR, to detect antigens and antibodies,” Hammam said at the BPPT Office, Jakarta, (26/03/2020).

    The Head of BPPT said TFRIC19 would utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in handling Covid-19. He explains AI may strengthen the diagnostics by doctors while detecting the virus. In order to do so, the BPPT has provided qualified resources to support the TFRIC 19 artificial intelligence sub-team, “One of the rapid action plans by TFRIC19 will be utilizing AI technology to support Covid-19 diagnostics,” he explained.

    This diagnostics will make the use of the machine learning models, and the latest deep learning techniques, to build AI-based detection models with the support of knowledge-based AI techniques as a decision support system (DSS). The validation from radiologists and related doctors, the result will help authorized officials to give the final verdict or needed decisions.

    “We will build an AI model based on X-Ray and CT-Scan data from Covid-19 patients. Its later use to conduct early detection, as well as patient diagnosis. We hope this AI-based system will complement and examine PCR-based, as well as whole-genome sequencing Covid-19 in Indonesia,” he explained.

    The members of the TFRIC 19 artificial intelligence sub-team consist of experts in the field of information technology, particularly AI. These experts come together from BPPT, Air Force, AJCUI, ITB, UGM, UNHAN, Surabaya State University, Malang State Polytechnic, UNTAG Surabaya.

    Other institutions such as Start-Up Neurabot Lab, PB IDI Professional Association, PAPDI, Indonesia AI Society, Healthcare.id, IABIE, INAPR, and APIC are also on the help. The team also supported by expert doctors from RSUD-Koja and FKUI-RSCM for Radiology interpretation.

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