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    AI Age and the Transformation of Education

    AI will replace human soon, 10 jobs that will be gone, How to live in AI age, etc. We might have heard of this kind of news headline. It emphasizes that we are entering Artificial intelligence (AI) age and we are worried about this.

    However, AI does not have only negative effect. Prof. Dr.Thanarak Teeramankong, Professor of Information and Communications Technology, SIIT, Thammasat University, and President of Artificial intelligence (AI) association, reveals that although AI makes certain jobs disappear, it creates new opportunities.

    Therefore, living in the AI age depends on how much we can adapt ourselves to the changes of the world.

    The question is what skills needed in the future?

    We have to understand that AI performs three major jobs. First, Algorithm is a procedure of solving the problem systematically. Second, Augmentation is using technology to enhance human ability which will reduce time and increase work quality. Autonomy is when AI replaces human jobs by doing decision-making task. “Today, AI is used in the first two types of job. It takes a long time for AI to be able to replace human and perform decision-making task” said Dr.Thanarak.

    Although AI roles is to support human work, the strength of it in terms of boldness, precision, and indefatigability affects human labor, especially in repetitive work. Therefore, Al closes one door and opens a new door. Opportunity in the AI age is a job that requires creativity, social psychology, explanation, collaboration, decision-making, evaluation and analysis, rationality, and complex problem solving. “These are soft skills that can apply to many jobs to be multi skill. Therefore, humans need to adapt themselves to these changes”  said Dr.Thanarak.

    President of Artificial intelligence (AI) association points out that future job will focus on creativity in order to add value to product. Therefore, working is not only about industry scale but also SMEs and start-up business that connected through technology.

    Therefore, new important skills in the future can be categorized as :

    1. Creativity Skill is applying knowledge and experience to create new ideas to solve the problem in each business.
    2. Integration Skill is using disrupted application technology to create and integrate to one big concept for the market and society needs.
    3. Soft Skill is about communication, adaptability, complex problem solving, critical thinking skills, evaluation and decision making
    4. Value-Added Development Skill is developing and enhancing existing thing for new marketing opportunity.
    5. Well-Being Skill is the skills that will increase your health and happiness in life which can be adapted to any jobs including technology, customer service, tourism, and businesses.

    Dr.Thanarak also explains that labor types are changing in the future so educational institutions need to adapt to these changes. Thammasat’s Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology also amends learning course for these changes. We make E-Learning class in order to reduce transportation limits. Students can study any time anywhere.

    “The most important thing for an educational institution is to help students find their talent and skills. We believe that when they found what they like, they can do it better and be successful in the future. It is more important than getting a good grade but do not know what to do in the future” said Dr.Thanarak.

    Professor of Information and Communications Technology also states that in our faculty, there are no criteria that students required to take certain courses in order to enroll in the course. Our learning method is customized which allows students to find out what they like. We also provide a Co-working space for sharing ideas and knowledge.

    “More importantly, when students graduate, they will have to understand technology, marketing and business context. They will be able to talk with businessmen and investors and understand their contexts” President of Artificial intelligence (AI) association emphasizes that students need to have skills that required in AI age because we cannot disrupt the growth of AI in their future so we have to be prepared.  Therefore, in order to survive in the AI age, humans have to adapt and remember that AI is still depended on humans as well.

     All in all, it is an opportunity for those who are ready.

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