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    Afghan Student Shares His Experience of Studying at President University and Pursuing Master’s Degree in Australia

    In choosing a university, most people in Indonesia tend to focus only on the accreditation achieved by the university. Whereas, people also need to know exactly the curriculum provided by the university. The importance of the university’s curriculum quality has been experienced by Mohammad Jalal Amiri, an alumnus of President University majoring in Management batch 2013.

    Jalal, who is coming from Afghanistan, is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Engineering Management at the University of Western Australia (UWA), one of the top one hundred universities in the world and part of the top 8 universities in Australia.

    “I got a scholarship from the university due to having a good GPA, internship experience, and some extracurricular experience at President University. I also obtained very good recommendation letters from my lecturers at President University,” said Jalal.

    As an international alumnus, Jalal sees that President University has an international distinct curriculum which is recognized by universities and employer worldwide. “I personally found President University’s curriculum to be very flexible, challenging, and yet inspiring. Other than that, the high standard of President University curriculum and syllabuses has been proven by my acceptance at UWA,” he said.

    Jalal explained that when he first applied at UWA, the university’s admission team required him to provide them the unit outlines or syllabus he studied at President University, especially Mathematics and Statistics that are highly important in his master’s program.

    In addition to the excellent curriculum, Jalal encourages other students to be more confident and always strive for the best. “Don not just attend classes but take part in curriculum activities and embrace every opportunity available. Because having these kinds of experience is crucial when applying for a master’s degree and scholarships,” he said.

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