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    A Student of Mechanical Engineering of President University Edmun I. K. Halawa Became the Winner of the CAD/CAM Competition of WI-CAN

    The students of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of President University Edmun Iro Kavalo Halawa has scored an extraordinary achievement in Widyatama International Competition and Exhibition (WI-CAN). This competition was held by the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of Universitas Widyatama in collaboration with LLDIKTI Region IV. In the Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Edmun managed to secure the first position in the final round that was held on 11 December 2019.
    This CAD/CAM competition was a contest that utilized computer software to control a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine. This CNC machine would then transform/shape raw material into objects in accordance with the designs that had been previously made. In the final round, Edmun was assigned a design blueprint from PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (an Indonesian aerospace company involved in aircraft design and the development and manufacture of civilian and military regional commuter aircraft) where their representative served as one of the judges in this competition. The design blueprint that Edmun received was one of the components used by an airbus plane.

    Edmun has previously participated in a number of similar competitions, but this was his first win. “I am very glad for becoming a winner for the first time and leaving a legacy for Mechanical Engineering of President University,” he said. He hoped that his win could become a motivation for scoring more and more achievements.

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