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    A place to live, a territory to share your ideas, the campus to start your project

    By RUDN University

    Located at the highest peak of Moscow,

    Featuring the largest fountain in the city and,

    Situated between 50 hectares of woodland park; RUDN campus brings together 8,000 individuals from 155 countries. On contrary to the typical stereotypes many have of Russia, this is in fact a place that is truly filled with hospitable international, academic and research spirit.

    The RUDN University campus is not only known for its eco-friendly landscape and developed urban infrastructure. It is also a perfect environment for great minds from the Ecological Faculty and Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN, Moscow eco-services and counterparts from Italy, Indonesia and the USA to come together to work on research projects. Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Riccardo Valentini from the Tuscia University, Italy is one such expert who is a part of the collaborative project involving green construction and urban farming.

    The campus is full of life even in winter (c) RUDN University

    The largest world soil congress, SUITMA-9 was first held in Russia at the RUDN University where experts gathered in a single space to landmark the work done for the global soil map and gave grounds to have it completed by 2020. The RUDN campus, being recognized as the “greenest” university in Russia, is also a place where ecologists, chemists, agrarians and mathematicians unite to work on projects for smart cities development and green urban infrastructure.

    In addition, at the university, students and scientists can practice their skills and test their theories using the academic and scientific facilities available at the campus. It also provides a conducive environment for analysing structures and creating new materials at the Center of Molecular Design, practice medical skills at the RUDN Simulation Centre and many more.

    Further, international companies and embassy representatives can not only attend industry conferences organised within the campus to gain new industry knowledge and share expertise; but also, to network, build international relations and establish partnerships.

    The largest fountain in Moscow is located in the RUDN campus (c) RUDN University

    Internationalisation of the higher education classrooms not only help to facilitate intercultural learning and academic success; it also helps to meet the Russian government’s ambitious objective of advancing the quality and international branding of its higher education. International students offer varying perspectives and experience needed in classroom settings for quality learning; while faculty can leverage on this cultural diversity to strengthen relations with their global counterparts for the purpose of advancing university global rankings and competitiveness.

    RUDN University and other leading universities under the Russian Academic Excellence Project (Project 5-100) recognise the shift in higher education landscape and importance of world-class research today; and are therefore working towards fulfilling the objective of the said initiative.

    So, come join us at the upcoming QS WORLDWIDE 2018 from 22-23 May 2018 in Moscow, Russia, as we discuss the topic on “In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries”. Take the opportunity to meet higher education professionals from Russia and beyond and find out what they have been working on to achieve their goal of becoming top-notch global universities.

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