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    For the first time in the history of the Kazakh people, on January 15, 1934, the State University opened, which later became the best institution of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The merits of Al-FarabiKazNU in the preparation of highly qualified and competitive scientific, pedagogical and social and public personnel are well known. Hundreds of thousands of high-class specialists, scientists, government and public figures, professional teachers for higher and secondary educational institutions have left the university. The professorial and research staff of the university in the first years of its formation and development was formed by scientists from the Russian Federation (Moscow, Leningrad, Kazan, etc.).

    As a student, graduate student and employee of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of the University, we had the opportunity to meet and be familiar with the collaboration of many outstanding scientists who worked at various times at different faculties of the University. Among them, famous biologists T.B. Darkanbaev, G.Z. Biyashev, T.M. Masenov, Қ.D. Dyusebin, M.Kh. Shigaeva, V.P. Mitrofanov, V.M. Inyushin, I.O. Baytulin, S.A. Bedarev, S.T. Nurtazin, M.F. Avazbakiyeva, N.L. Udolskaya, V.S. Kornilov, V.I. Fursov, V.V. Shevchenko, B.A. Dombrovsky, R.I. Bersimbaev, I.R. Rakhimbaev, U.M. Sultangazin, B.T. Zhumagulov, V. Kharasakhal, M. Mustahishin, A.T. Lukyanov, M.M. Abdildin, T.S. Ramazanov, O.A. Zhautykov, T.A. Kozhamkulov, F. Baimbetov, S. Smagulov, S.E. Yermatov, Sh.A. Ershin, S.A. Aisagaliev, A.A. Zhensykbaev, N. Danaev, N.D. Kosov, A.I. Kupchishin, V.P. Koshkarov, V.A. Sapa, chemists B.A. Beremzhanov, D.V. Sokolsky, A.Sh. Sharifkanov, E.E. Ergozhin, B. Chumbalov, G.I. Ksandopulo, V.A. Zakharov, O.A. Songin, M.M. Erzhanova, S. Usanovich, Z.A. Mansurov, M.K. Nauryzbaev, K.B. Musabekov, M.M. Burkitbaev, J.A. Abilov and from other faculties Ya.A. Aubakirov, A.Kh. Kasymzhanov, Z.K. Kabdulov, S.S. Sartaev, M.S. Agenov, M.K. Barmankulov, Yu.G. Bassin, S.B. Baisalov, M.Zh. Argynbaev, TS Amandosov, M.ZH. Zhandaev, T.K. Kakishev, S.L. Kovalsky, Sh.A. Kusanova, T.T. Mustafin, H.H. Makhmudov, V.N. Purits, K. Kh. Rakhmatullin, A.B. Tursunbaev, A.V. Soloviev, U.Kh. Shalekenov, K.A. Shaybekov and many others. With this list Wewould like to say about the highly professional staff of our university teachers and now the university has equally successful and talented staff.

    For the older generation of university professors, we noted with great gratitude the presence of high humanity, nobility, a sincere desire to help the young in mastering the basics of science, instilling the skills of independent work. The above-named scientists, representatives of genuine scientific intelligentsia, like many of their peers and followers, carried the banner of our university high.

    What we have is positive, everything is from the older generation.

    Our university can be proud of its graduates. Among them are many outstanding scholars, government and public figures, now working in the Parliament, the Government and in the Presidential Office. In one article it is impossible to list the names of all who graduated from the university in their time.

    Al-Farabi KazNU has a huge and rich tradition, the accumulated experience in the organization of educational, scientific and educational work. This experience is an invaluable contribution to the treasury of higher education, science and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In my opinion, the rich experience of Al-Farabi KazNU can be reduced to the following main areas:

    – At the university throughout its formation and development, the focus was on the task of fundamental education and the training of highly qualified scientific personnel;

    – University graduates were focused on scientific, educational and social activities;

    – The university has adopted completely new methods of teaching and organizing scientific and educational activities from leading universities in foreign countries and has developed its own approaches on these problems.

    Today Al-Farabi KazNU is the best university in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university has made a huge breakthrough in its development in the last 7-8 years under the guidance of a world-class manager, a magnificent organizer, rector, academician G.M. Mutanov. Today, the university’s multi-thousand staff is a single organization, where the internal content of the university corresponds to its external indicators, it works as a single organism. Over the past two years, the university has risen to 220th place in the international QS World University Rankings 2018, the results of which are included in the TOP-2 – CIS universities. The only one of the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University received four “stars” of excellence based on the evaluation of educational, research, international activities, as well as the quality of infrastructure from QS (United Kingdom).

    Al-Farabi KazNU is the only university in the CIS and Central Asia that has conducted a full assessment of the quality of all educational programs for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies for compliance with European standards of higher education and received international accreditation from such advanced and recognized accreditation agencies in Europe as ASIIN, AQUIN, AQA and FIAA.

    The University cooperates with leading international universities of the world in the implementation of joint international training programs, student exchanges and internships.

    Today the university is a multidisciplinary educational institution. Classes are held in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

    Today the university has new educational and scientific buildings, a technology park, a unique library and student center “Keremet”, its clinic and medical center, a sports complex and the list goes on, these facts indicate that the university has all the conditions for study, work and rest. The University meets its anniversary with outstanding achievements in the field of education, science, sport and culture.

    Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, celebrating its glorious eighty-fifth anniversary, will continue to occupy its avant-garde place in the preparation of competent, highly skilled and competitive personnel in the interests of the prosperity of our native state.

    We congratulate the whole team of the University on the occasion of the 85th anniversary and I wish all the goals to be achieved.


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