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    4.0 Industrial Revolution Influential on Accountant Profession

    Surabaya – Accountants have their own challenges in realizing the spirit of young Indonesian entrepreneurship. In the millennial era, the challenge is increasingly dynamic. Accountants are required to have competent competencies in both accounting and technology techniques that accompany the development of world accounting. This was revealed in the National Accounting Seminar held by Hima Aksa, Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Business Economics, Nahdlatul Ulama University, Surabaya, Sunday (7/04).

    The Chancellor of Unusa, Achmad Jazidie in his speech said that an accountant must be familiar with information technology. Accountants must understand the big data that stores a lot of information, not only financial data but also non-financial data. “An accountant is required not only to have the skills to prepare financial statements, but must be good at designing and analyzing financial and non-financial data,” he said.

    Furthermore, Prof. Jazidie said that the 4.0 industrial revolution marked by the era internet of things which continued to the internet of things would have a major influence on the accounting profession. “All study programs at Unusa cannot be blind to information technology, especially Accounting Study Programs must be literate in information technology,” he said.

    The seminar held at Tower Unusa 3rd Floor was attended by hundreds of students both from inside and outside Unusa. “There were more than one hundred students taking part in this event, 75 non-university students, and 95 students,” said Chairman of the Committee, Nurul Miftahul Ulumiah, Accounting student at Unusa. This event is very important to be held, because it has become a necessity for accounting students in the millennial era. Unusa continues to strive to prepare information technology-based infrastructure. The learning process at Unusa is encouraged to utilize IT. Unusa equips students with e-Sorogan which functions as a learning tool. Belended learning was chosen as a learning method that was in line with the era of the industrial revolution by combining offline and online learning methods.

    The seminar which was attended by two speakers from Academics and Practitioners presented the theme of the challenge of accountants in realizing the spirit of young Indonesian entrepreneurship in the Millennium era. Lecturer at the Sultan Tirtayasa University, Roza Mulyadi, SE, Ak, M. Akt, CA, CIBA, ACPA, CSRS as the first speaker conveyed the meaning of accountants in the millennial era. Enthusiastically the lecturer who was also the chairman of IAI Banten motivated the seminar participants to continue to struggle to become professional accountants who were not outdated.

    Yusak Anshori, Dean of FEB highly appreciated the national seminar. “If necessary every year, Hima Aksa must hold a similar event,” said Yusak accompanied by the committee’s laughter.

    Furthermore, Yusak said that there were now many micro, small and medium enterprises that needed accountants. Accountants in the millennial era combine business needs with the right technology-based recording techniques. Business decisions must be quickly and accurately presented by accountants. In the future, Unusa accounting students are expected to be able to understand digital-based accounting techniques and can meet the industry’s needs for accounting reports

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